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I swore I’d never mention marriage again, but everyone deserves an Instagram wedding | Grace Dent

Those perfectly curated, hashtag-ready photos are so seductive, they practically pull us down the aisle
‘Getting married has never looked so wonderful.’ Photograph: Getty Images Photograph: gipi23/Getty Images/iStockphoto

While the traditional requirements of a lifelong marriage – fidelity, eternal selflessness and so on – are deeply unfashionable, getting married in 2019 still feels very “in”. I cried happy tears right through a gorgeous wedding last Saturday, and not just because of my blistered little toe in four-inch heels: it was that heroic sense of hope, faith and love that infuses the room at all good betrothals. Plus merging families, choked-up speeches, in-jokes, all-day drinking and happy guests who’ve scrubbed up nicely.

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