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Mind Games: Exercising Your Mind for Emotional & Mental Health

Mind Games: Exercising Your Mind for Emotional & Mental Health, by Annette Quarrier. Photograph of a man meditating in the mountains by Simon Migaj
Photograph by Simon Migaj

Exercising your mind requires patience and discipline, but it is a practice that will help you to feel more in control of your entire internal state

A few years back I wrote an article called Mind Yoga: Why and How to Bring Awareness to Your Thoughts. In the piece, I discussed how our minds are our most valuable asset. I also pointed out how we can decide whether we want to think a thought or not. This is a fact which most of us never learned as children; even as adults we still do not fully understand.

We know that physical exercise is important to keep our bodies healthy, but we were never told about the benefits of keeping our minds healthy.  

Chances are your educational background didn’t teach you about your mind, but you were taught that if you exercise and eat right,

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