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The Most Powerful Member of the Ruling Class

Using “the ruling class” and “overlords” as shorthand for Trump’s critics is Orwellian nonsense.
Source: David Moir / Reuters

The greatest trick the president and elites who support him ever pulled was convincing a large swath of the American public that they aren’t members of the ruling class.

Donald Trump hosted a show on NBC, lived in a Manhattan tower named after himself, and spent a small fortune to influence politicians. He now lives in the White House, appoints Supreme Court justices, issues pardons, orders missile strikes, and launches trade wars. His travel destinations include Davos, his estate in Palm Beach, and golf courses he owns in foreign countries. Yet powerful allies of his persist with the false conceit that the ruling class does not include the most powerful person in the country, only his rivals and critics.

Among the allies who do this is Michael Anton. A Trump-aligned intellectual, he is best-known for pseudonymously publishing “,” an essay that likened Hillary Clinton’s candidacy to the 9/11 terrorists who hijacked Flight 93, and a vote for

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