One of the big worries, when on an extended overlanding trip through Africa, is the condition of the fuel that one might fill up with along the way. However, this shouldn’t be something that gives you sleepless nights.

Travellers will know that in remote areas you don’t always find normal filling stations, and when the fuel you

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Chad Quick Facts
Capital city: N’Djamena Population: 14 million (SA – 59 million) Size: 1 284 000 km2 (SA – 1 221 000km2 ) Official languages: Arabic, French Currency: Central African Franc (US$1 = 590 CAF; R1 = 36 CAF) Independence from France: August 11,
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Need To Know
In order to truly comprehend and correctly utilise your vehicle’s four-wheel drive systems out on the trail, one needs a basic understanding of certain generic ‘offroad’ concepts. So, prior to continuing on driving skills per se, this column deals wi
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I was most interested in reading the article on Botswana’s Hunter’s Road in the April issue of SA4x4. It certainly is a challenge with all that black cotton soil in the rains! In the article, the author mentioned that they visited Kukonje Island. Alt