Listen: How to get out of the insomnia rut

In this podcast episode, a sleep expert explains how you can tackle insomnia to get better shut eye and why 8 hours of sleep isn't right for everyone.
A woman wears a sleep mask on her forehead while her eyes are wide with insomnia

What’s the cause of insomnia? And what can you do about it? Sleep expert Jade Wu has some answers.

“I would say it almost doesn’t matter why you got insomnia in the first place. Many people have different reasons for why they get insomnia. Maybe you moved, got a new job, had a baby, went through menopause. But what keeps you in the insomnia rut?” says Wu, a clinical psychologist at Duke University School of Medicine and host of the Savvy Psychologist podcast.

“What gives you chronic insomnia, is probably the same reason as everybody else. It’s like insomnia lit a spark five years ago, but, over time, you’ve been putting on logs and keeping the fire going. So let’s talk about how you can take those logs off.”

Wu’s current research focuses on treating sleep disorders in those with chronic illness. In the clinic, Wu uses evidence-based non-medication approaches to help people improve their sleep.

In this podcast episode, Wu explains how you can start to change your sleep habits:

A full transcript is available here.

Source: Duke University

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