Classic American

The NB Center for American Automotive Heritage

The NB Center owes its existence to the passions of Nicola Bulgari. His love of American automobiles from a time when America dominated the automobile

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2005 Chevy SSR
Vendor: Chris Macey Telephone: 01242 525277 email: Price: £21,500 Debuting at the 2000 Detroit Auto Show as a concept vehicle, the SSR very much hails from what we might look back on as a golden era in the late Nineties/earl
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Selling Dodges
Dodge had successfully navigated the middle-section of the US car market for much of the early 20th century, alternately espousing its low running costs but high tech design (everything from 12 volt electrics and all-steel body construction). Marketi
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1944 to 1960
Cashing in on the company’s prowess in truck making during the war was a no brainer for the marketing folks at Dodge. The Power Wagons had gained the marque an enviable reputation for building tough, powerful trucks, as evidenced in this ad. Retur