Leonardo da Vinci still sells out in Paris 500 years on

EONARDO DA VINCI WAS NO STRANGER TO France. He spent his final three years in the country, dying at 67 in a Loire Valley château exactly 500 years ago. His which has hung in the Louvre Museum since the French Revolution, virtually

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Hawaii’s Reopening Kindles Old Tensions
AT ALA MOANA BEACH PARK, NEAR DOWNTOWN HONOLULU, lifeguard Mo Freitas is ready for the water to get a bit more crowded. When Hawaii Governor David Ige in March instituted a mandatory two-week self-quarantine for anyone coming to the state, the move e
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Animal Auctions
A trio of breeders pooled funds to purchase a 6-month-old Texel lamb with “all the best genetics,” as British newspaper the Guardian reported, at an auction in Scotland in August. The price? Nearly $490,000. Charles Herbster, chairman of President Tr
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The 100 Best Inventions Of 2020
Yakima CBX Solar A camping trip no longer means going completely off the grid with Yakima’s new CBX Solar rooftop cargo box. Topped with durable Sunflare solar panels, the $1,299 carrier is equipped with two USB ports and can power your campsite on a