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Winter is widely considered hibernation season, but we’d argue summer’s an equally tough time to leave the house. Why get off the couch when the air conditioner’s cranking, the cricket’s on and it’s an earth-scorching forty degrees outside? Finding the motivation to get out and do something new, too can be stifled when your fridge is stocked with Christmas leftovers and your militant new year’s resolution dictates you can only eat a handful of calories a day.

But resist the urge to stay home this summer, we implore you! The Fleurieu’s business boom shows no signs of slowing, and the following selection of food vans, cellar doors, entertainment destinations and more, should be incentive enough to get you out the door. In between forty-degree days and cricket sessions, that is.


Pitstop Italian Food

Authentic homemade Italian food made with love ‘like

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