ow price doesn’t mean low end; Panasonic’s cheapest OLED pulls down the HCX Pro processor from higher models which means it does some fantastic things. These include Dolby Vision, Dolby Atmos and HDR10+

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Cycling is a fun way to boost your cardio levels and get fitter, but when starting out you may need extra power, especially when tackling uphill climbs. Gtech’s electric bike is ideal for this and can handle a bit of offroad too. £995, gtech.co.uk Th
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Gadget Guru
Q KEN REEVES, WEST LOTHIAN Toast. Give me good toast, Guru A Listen, reader. Guru is not your personal chef, alright? You cannot just come to GaGu’s kitchen and use his toaster. After all, Guru Towers is not a cafe. But as the famous phrase goes, giv
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Road Trip Tech
Cruising along on a lengthy road trip is more enjoyable when you’re listening to music, and this admittedly rather old-school approach turns your phone’s Bluetooth output into an FM signal that any car radio can lock on to. Retuning is simple too. £1