Breathe Easy

The air in our homes is killing us. The World Health Organization calls household air pollution the “largest single environmental health risk” in the world today, causing the death of nearly 4 million people around the globe every year.

“The health

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Change of Plans
Should we get a task chair? It was a debate in my household as it was in many last year when aesthetics and ergonomics battled for primacy in our interiors. Not that a task chair can’t be beautiful. They just tend to bring a cubicle vibe wherever the
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Goodbye, Smart Home
The smart home has always been a solution in search of a problem. Why do I need an app to turn on my lights when a switch works just fine? And is talking to your house really the behavior you want to model for your kids? Be that as it may, the techno
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Demar Matthews
Designer Demar Matthews isn’t wasting any time. Fresh out of a master’s program in architecture at L.A.’s Woodbury University, he established his own firm, OffTOP Design, and hit the ground running by putting into practice answers to a question that