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Hotels and Restaurants

Long the domain of mass-produced paintings, hotels and restaurants in Denver have become the new art galleries. A recent spate of boutique hotels has led the movement, debuting beautiful original pieces by local artists. And

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Show To Know
NEW WORK BY JODIE ROTH COOPER, SANGEETA REDDY, AND ROBERT SZOT> Where Where:: Space Gallery When When:: Through Dec. 31 What What:: Bursting with color and dynamic forms, this exhibition featuring concurrent solo shows from three different yet like-m
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Room To Heal
When it comes to advocating for Denver’s growing homeless population, the Colorado Village Collaborative (CVC) thinks we can do better than simply putting roofs over heads. The organization’s new Women’s Village development—a cluster of 14 tiny homes
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Green House
Your house is keeping a dirty secret from you: It’s polluted. In fact, the air quality inside our homes is estimated to be two to five times worse than it is outside—due, in part, to the toxic chemicals found in everyday cleaning solutions and househ