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hile our main focus here is the larger golf hotels and resorts, for many,

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Eddie Pepperell
I’ve just got back from the US Open, which was a serious test. That said, it was great and I really enjoyed it. The course was unbelievably good and it was fun, even though I didn’t play very well and missed the cut. It wasn’t like Bethpage Black, wh
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1 Type of tee for Woods? (5) 7 Current PGA Player of the Year (6) 8 Former commentator reports damage (4) 9 Possess credit for part of golf club (5) 10 Sung Hyun in public garden (4) 11 Type of stroke which is not played (7) 13 Five-time Ryder Cup ca
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From The Editor
As editor of Golf Monthly, one of the roles I take the most pleasure in is reading, and replying to, letters and emails from readers. I love the opportunity to discuss all aspects of golf, and greatly value the fact that someone has taken the time to