Planes get delayed, reservations blundered, restaurants overbooked. Sometimes it rains on your only beach day. “Travel inherently involves uncertainty,” says David Gelles, a New York reporter and the author of . “Mindfulness can make us more comfortable with that uncertainty.”

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How To Do This Trip
The Via Rail Ocean train from Montreal to Halifax (or vice versa) is a 22-hour journey called “The Maritime Way,” though travelers can break up the trip by hopping off midroute. The Ocean departs three times a week (Sunday, Wednesday, Friday), and ti
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New Mexico Reimagined
DAY 1 Albuquerque, New Mexico’s largest city, has caught the eye of curious travelers. Mayor Tim Keller, known for his love of heavy metal, has helped attract new creative businesses—both Netflix and NBC will open production studios here in 2020—and
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2020 Best New Hotels
Eden Rock St. Bart’s Aman Kyoto Rosewood Hong Kong Casa Maria Luigia Mt. Mulligan Lodge Labotessa Four Seasons Hotel Philadelphia The Chedi Al Bait Equinox Hotel Raffles Singapore Captain Whidbey Inn Lodge at Blue Sky Rio Palena Lodge Kachi Lodge Mai