is a modern-day cartographer. In other words, he spends his days creating maps. To prepare for that career, Wallace earned a PhD in geography from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. While earning his degree, Wallace worked at The New York Times, where he created thousands of maps on a wide variety of topics. These included the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, which made landfall in Houston in 2017; the territory controlled by terrorist group ISIS; and the results of elections. He recently

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Not Raised In A Barn
Howdy y’all! I’m a cowgirl from Texas that rides my horse every day to school. You can find me lassoing my cattle, and spending time with my best buds in the barn: my horses and chickens. Just kidding! I am a regular girl that lives in the posh and d
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To Superhero Or Not To Superhero?
How does Daniel Kish feel about being linked with fictional superheroes like Daredevil—blind, fearless, passionate about helping others—or Batman? Many news stories (ahem, including this one) have celebrated Kish’s skills as a “bat man.” Kish raises
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Part-time Invisibility
Different kinds of camouflage work better at different depths. Transparency rules near the surface, where predators hunt using sunlight, and a simple shadow can give you away. But transparent tissues may not help you deeper down in the ocean. Here, p