Maps of the United States often show the states in different colors. In general, mapmakers use enough colors to make sure states that touch

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Do You Have Esp?
ESP STANDS FOR EXTRA-SENSORY PERCEPTION, or an ability to sense or manipulate things without the help of your eyes, ears, nose, mouth, or skin. If ESP exists, it would allow people to read minds, see through walls, or move things without touching the
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The Real-Life BAT MAN
Using a wall for balance, Daniel Kish steadied himself on his new bike. He peddled ahead, wobbling a little. Soon the 6-year-old was pushing away from the wall and picking up speed, riding all on his own. This story isn’t a big deal until you learn o
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Muse News
EVERY YEAR IN NEW YORK CITY, PEOPLE ENTER A CONTEST TO SEE HOW MANY HOT DOGS THEY CAN EAT IN 10 MINUTES. Competitors gulp down each dog and bun in just a few bites. The 2020 winner scarfed 75 hot dogs. Now a scientist says he has calculated the high