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The 5 things that helped me sleep

1 HRT Artificially replacing lost hormones can help ease all menopause symptoms, including insomnia. Any drug, however, can have side effects,

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When it comes to your diet and nutrition, the best approach is always to have a balanced diet filled with healthy fats, vegetables and wholegrains. However, there are a set of ingredients that are particularly beneficial for brain health. Here, we sh
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NIGHT-TIME READS Lose yourself in these books for the ultimate wind-down before bed. My Not So Perfect Life by Sophie Kinsella (£7.37, Black Swan, Amazon) An easy read which follows a young woman whose life is not as it seems on social media. Fierce
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Embrace the DARK SIDE
As the cold, wintry months stretch out ahead, it’s valid to approach them with a sense of doom. The days are dark, we’re living with restrictions and there are contagious viruses to contend with – from flu and common colds to the coronavirus. But it’