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Pests And Problems
If onion or garlic tops yellow and wilt, then lift a plant and check for white mouldy growth around the roots. If caught early, you can lift the crop before the problem spreads. Wash mildly affected bulbs (left in image) and use them first. Wider pla
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Here Comes The Sun
In these times of great environmental concerns, sourcing energy in a natural way has become all important. The sun, of course, is a natural source of energy which is now widely accessed on a global scale, in farming, housing, industry and no doubt in
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Reader Offers
SAVE UP TO £41.75 As you start to harvest some of your earlier crops and space becomes free on your plot, now is the perfect time to start plugging the gaps. Our Autumn Harvest Brassica collection offers some of the best brassica varieties, to give y