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Favourite Winter Varieties
For details of suppliers see page 106. ■ ‘CROWN PRINCE’: Striking steel-blue skins with orange flesh. The large smooth fruit can reach 4kg (8½lb) in weight and has a lovely nutty flavour. (Kings, T&M). ■ ‘ZOMBIE F1’: Large orange fruit of a similar w
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Garden Store Plus Subscriber Savers*
New from Prime8, here’s a way for the kids to garden when it’s raining! Primasia offers players the chance to build the most environmentally skilled team on Planet Earth. Through teamwork, you can learn to grow crops, trade (using the in-game Primasi
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Make Your Own Cleaning Solutions
If you have a yearning to live more simply and want to reduce all the plastic bottles of cleaning products in your cupboard, then making your own from simpler ingredients is one way to do it. Two of the main ingredients which have great cleaning powe