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PREVIEW Nemesis’ rocket launcher from the original Resident Evil 3 is making a return, which doesn’t bode well for Jill and co in the remake Resident Evil 3 is imminent, and we can’t wait to have Nemesis crash through our walls and pull our heads off
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The Evolution Of Xbox Pads
At the dawn of time, just after the Big Bang went boom, the gaming gods made a pad that changed it all. And by ‘dawn of time’ we mean ‘GDC 2000’, and by ‘changed it all’, read: ‘Microsoft made a gamepad the size of a Buick’. First revealed 20 years a
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PUBLISHER FRONTIER / DEVELOPER FRONTIER / FORMAT XBOX ONE / RELEASE DATE DECEMBER 2019 I like to think of myself as someone who is pretty much immune to nostalgia. I live in the now, because that’s where all the best games are. But there’s something