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No matter how long a person has been painting, we all benefit from a challenge. It stretches us, makes us think harder, and improves our technique. These are things we all need if we are to avoid getting lazy and relying on what we know rather than what we see.

With this demonstration, I decided to set myself a really big challenge. A cow looking through a bramble hedge in a field may not seem that big a deal, yet

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The Working Artist
Recently an ex-student of mine, Bill, came to my studio to collect a print. He told me that during the Covid-19 restrictions he’d been working on his printmaking and trying to improve his technique. I was impressed by his prints, but the thing that r
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The Viking Cruises British Art Prize 2021
Artists & Illustrators is proud to support The British Art Prize 2021, in association with Viking, the award-winning cruise line. This major new national open art competition will provide artists of all ages and abilities with a platform to gain exp
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Kandinsky Wassily
Wassily Kandinsky wasn’t the first artist to embrace music in his painting, but he was possibly the first to do so in such an immersive and comprehensive way. Music for the Russian artist didn’t simply mean a radio on in the studio; it was a source o