vidyne debuted its Atlas Flight Management System for Part 25-certificated aircraft in October 2019, bringing its integrated flight deck technology into jets utilizing a console layout in the cockpit. Certification is expected in

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An LSA Goes Electric
Hondo, Texas-based Texas Aircraft Manufacturing and British company Oxis Energy—which is developing technology for lithiumsulfur batteries—say they are jointly developing a high-wing, two-seat, all-metal, fully electric aircraft dubbed the eColt base
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A The clean user interface makes navigation straightforward for multiple users. A selection of user profiles can be attached to pilots with differing statuses within the app. B A digital archive of aircraft logs is possible with a custom application,
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I enjoyed reading [Rob Mark’s] article on training, [“Regulation or Inspiration?”] in the September issue. It was a good recap of industry efforts to lower the accident rate. I wish I could agree that the [General Aviation Joint Steering Committee] h