Somewhere among all your stuff, there’s undoubtedly a stash of old logbooks. Mine are on a bookcase in the den—except the most recent of six, which is sitting open on the dining-room table, patiently waiting to be updated. It’s been several years since that’s happened, but I keep stickers for flight reviews and jot down details for currency (times, day, night, VFR, IFR, approaches, etc.) after each flight in a little daily planner for eventual transfer into the logbook…supposedly.

Check with a knowledgeable CFI or go online for the intricacies and legalities of recording flight time; the FAA requires only that you log

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Model Lineage
The CT series is named for the “composite technology” that forms its basis. It began its career in the late 1990s with the CT and CT2K approved as microlights in Europe. The first CTs were approved as S-LSAs in the US in 2005. “We had a small group o
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Flight Design F2 Specs:
Engine: Rotax 912iS Horsepower: 100 hp Propeller: Neuform three-blade CR3 65-inch composite Seats: 2 Empty weight: 835 lb. Max gross weight: 1,320 lb./US LSA limitations Fuel capacity: 34.3 gal.; approved for premium automotive unleaded, as well as 9
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The Safety Partnership
A new year, a new you—pilotwise, that is. The change of the calendar refreshes us and gives us license to start anew. The turn of the page into 2021 marks a particularly poignant desire to strike out and make a redoubled effort to do all of those thi