Stop, you’re getting your head down. Tell the pilot monitoring what you need. You seem to want to do everything by yourself.” So said Capt. Andy when I was the pilot flying early in my tenure on the Cessna Citation CJ3 at JetSuite. He was right. Up until then, all my flying had been single pilot, and I wasn’t eager to share the fun with anybody else. The truth is, I didn’t know how.

Soon, however, I came to enjoy, even relish, the shared cockpit. No doubt some of this pleasure was the consequence of the circumstances in which I had landed. Almost all my colleagues at

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Appareo Stratus Insight
Appareo’s latest update (5.17.0) to their Stratus Insight includes a new “Relevant Traffic” feature, which allows a user to filter ADS-B traffic based on range and altitude in relation to the user’s aircraft. “Prior to Relevant Traffic, pilots had tw
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What’s Really In An Airline Pilot’s Flight Bag?
In my career, the most-prominent label used when referring to the piece of airline-pilot luggage that, at one time, kept chiropractors in business was either “brain bag” or “kit bag.” Distinguished by stickers and decals, the outside of the bag refle
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Errata: Buyers Guide
In the “Single-Engine Pistons” section of the November 2020 issue, the MFG base price for the Cessna Skylane should correctly read $530,000. Also, the line of data covering the Cirrus SR22 dropped out, and that should read: In “Turboprops,” the Daher