• You’ve seen shaded sonar maps in chart plotters before—Furuno and Simrad have had them since 2008. But certainly not with the detail coming out today in offerings from Navionics’ Platinum and Garmin’s BlueChart series.

Several years ago, plotter manufacturers enabled their systems to match GPS data to sonar points, assigning an exact spot on

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Winter Lay-up
• Storing my 52-foot Viking Sport Yacht for the long winter here in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, is my least-favorite part of the season, and it feels as if it comes sooner and sooner every year. Paying close attention to certain items can mean the diffe
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Touch And Go
• For sailfish fishermen, it’s a recurring dream: There he is! Left teaser… It’s a sail! But it’s not always as easy as the captain pulling in the squid chain and the angler getting a picture-perfect bite 10 feet behind the boat. Really, that scenari
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Hot Shots
Winter in South Florida means cold fronts, northerly winds and kite-fishing—prime conditions for an epic sailfish bite. Photographer Austin Coit went mask-to-eyeball with this lively goggle-eye for a better understanding of what a sailfish sees just