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8 – Criselda Cayetano grew up in the Philippines but lives in Tokyo, where she works for an IT company. She wrote this poem after a relationship break-up.

10 – Isabelle Arcoleo lives in France and is a copywriter/ghostwriter/freelance journalist. She is working on her second novel and seeking agent representation.

12 – Jessica Squier from Maidenhead is the editor of a Buddhist magazine. She has been writing short stories and plays for many years and is writing a novel.

– Laura Besley

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Mazey Ball
She watched him gather tufts from fencesalong the field, as he’d watched her finger woolin the village yarn shop, her gaze low and dark, smallbrown hands lingering over skeins still freshfrom early shearing. That night he switched off allthe lights a
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8 – Carmen Barefield is a poet and writer living in Salem, Massachusetts. Her work can be found in Poetry Quarterly, Black Heart magazine and littledeathlit. 10 – Amy Barnes is a widely published US-based writer. She was longlisted for Bath Flash Fic
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Gender Repeal
The news breaks over lunch. They’re eating last night’s pizza.She peels all the jalapeño off her slice before taking a bite. He stares at his own slice cautiously. “Thought you liked spicy?” “I do. But I don’t think the baby does.” He bites the tip o