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6 – Sophie Lay is a creative writing student at the University of Gloucestershire, and has performed her work at the Cheltenham Literature Festival and Cheltenham Poetry Festival. Cultivate was inspired by her suspicion of rejuvenation and gentrification projects.

11 – Adam Day is an American poet and critic, and the recipient of a PEN Emerging Writers Award. Day’s poetry collection, Model of a City in Civil War, is published by Sarabande Books. is written in the voice of Donald Trump.

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Sunset Song And The Terminators
In the lowerin vapour o that January morninthe agricultural sprayer’s, vast fluorescentsare like eerie searchlights, castin abootfor ony humans, superfluous tae requirements,in its’ shadowy terrain. It’s a far cry fae ‘Sunset Song’fan the rhythm o li
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He Promised Me The Earth
When he proposedhe promised meearth and stars,but didn’t tell mehe would provideby stealing the landfrom indigenous peoples,by blasting the rocksto reshape landscapes,by sending childrendown dark minesin order to retrieveshining splendours,by poisoni
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A place of ice over ice, of white over whiteand beauty in absences. There was a time when the only soundwas the wind calling its ghosts, when the skyline was set clean as a scar on glass, when your heartbeat slowedwith the cold, when your dreams brou