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CHAMPAGNE Jeeper is an unusual name for a classy French bubbly but then it stems from unusual times – the result of World War II and the gratitude of the American army who gave a Willy’s jeep to Armand Goutorbe, a former owner of Jeeper House.

It is said that the patriot young winemaker who saved Americans from certain death during the war only to be badly injured himself, managed to return to his native Champagne, heartened

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108 TASTED 89 AWARDED A very high strike rate here which just shows the quality and consistency of the region. Whilst Clare is known as the yardstick for Australian rieslings don’t overlook some other great wines from the greatly underrated cabernet
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New Releases
220 TASTED 125 AWARDED Lots of very youthful new releases here this time, with the judges questioning whether a number of these would have performed better with a few extra months in the bottle. Something to think about when you look at the results.
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119 TASTED 80 AWARDED In this judging you have to decide whether you want simple uncomplicated quaffers or something a bit more interesting. Nothing wrong with either choice but to get complexity winemakers need to ferment the wine in the bottle and