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MAY YOU LIVE IN INTERESTING TIMES. This is the old saying that can either be a blessing or a curse. We are certainly living in a very fragmented wine environment where it seems that wineries have to go further to make a dollar, both domestically and overseas. However, it is also the best time to be a consumer. The overall wine quality is better than it has ever been as is the range of varieties and prices. If you can't find

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Southern Victoria
YARRA Valley Lodge, one of Victoria’s finest wine region hotels, named February 1 as its reopening date after nine months of closure. The hotel said the Covid pandemic presented a “unique opportunity” to “revitalise all our public areas including Mar
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AS YOU READ THIS MOST AUSTRALIAN AND NEW ZEALAND wine regions will be starting their vintage, be in the thick of it, or finished. Of course, this all depends on the location and the weather. For the southern regions a generally welcome series of rain
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40 Tips And Tricks When Purchasing, Storing And Serving Wine
OCCASIONALLY I see some sadly neglected wine in bottle shops, restaurants and in people’s homes. Bottles that have oxidised due to mishandling, or simply left too long. So here are some guidelines, tips and tricks that might help to save these gems.