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Sydney grapevine

THE LOCAL joke in the southern waterfront enclaves of Kyle Bay, Oatley and Connells Point is that most people leave the area on a one way trip - in a coffin. Full of multi-million dollar homes boasting expansive views of the Georges River, inner city denizens have to Google the names of the suburbs because so few of the prestige homes feature in the weekly Saturday auction results. We arrived at at The Kyle Bay event centre on one of those warm, windless nights that exactly mimicked summer weather conditions on the Greek

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The Brightest Of Outlooks
BRENT Marris has never been one to do things by halves. The man who once answered an interview question about his state of mind being, “energised, excited, buoyant and upbeat” seldom seems to have a different setting. From his early years as the son
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145 TASTED 106 AWARDED 20 TASTED 8 AWARDED “Overall, the wines in this category were clean and well made, however, a number also lacked fruit intensity and were often propped up with oak or ‘tricky’ winemaking,” was one judges comment. Here we featur
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Hope On The Horizon
THE year 2020 will long be remembered for Covid-19. But grapes still grew. Weather writ its effects. Wine was still produced. Europe had none of Australia’s rampantly destructive bushfires, but the continent produced lower than average volumes anyway