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CARL AND MARY COOPER lived in a very small cabin a stone’s throw from Indian Lake. They were short people, matched like salt and pepper shakers: Mary was the salt, cool and steady; Carl was the pepper, quick to express an opinion, correct an error, make a pronouncement about people and politics. He was also generous with his time and skills, enjoying complicated projects folks suggested, carrying these to polished perfection.

Today we’d call their home a tiny house, with everything in its

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Cool Family Fun
My dad’s been the captain of every ice-fishing outing I’ve ever been on. And there have been plenty. Most people envision ice fishing as a quiet, solitary activity—sitting alone on a bucket, bobbing a line up and down until there’s a hit. That’s not
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For more than three decades, starting in 1977, Breck and Julie Turner were the proprietors of With Pipe & Book on Lake Placid’s Main Street. Their emporium sold tobacco, vintage maps, prints, postcards and used books and magazines. When the Turners w
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The Long View
Saranac Lake, with a population of just over 5,000 people, is the largest village in the Adirondack Park. This still surprises me even though I’ve known it for at least half my life. The park, a mix of public and private land, is big, famously so. It