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When a Child Loses His Hero

the coverage of Kobe and Gianna Bryant’s deaths, amid the primary grief I felt for Kobe’s wife, his surviving children and the people who knew and loved him, there were a series of images that brought even more tears to my eyes. It was the kids lined up outside the Staples Center. Some of them were dressed head to toe in Lakers gear. I looked at

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Doris Kearns Goodwin
This moment feels unprecedented. As a historian, do you think it actually is? What makes it so hard to absorb is that the overwhelming majority have never seen a situation that so severely disrupts our daily routines. Maybe that’s where history can p
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Does Remote Work Actually Work?
I AM OBSERVING WHAT MAY BE THE FUTURE of work in a San Francisco skyscraper, watching a transparent, legless man in a T-shirt hover above a leather couch. The man is Jacob Loewenstein, head of business at Spatial, a software company that enables meet
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How COVID-19 Affects Pregnancy
Pregnancy can be an uncertain time even without a pandemic. Now researchers are rapidly trying to figure out the risks of COVID-19 to pregnant women and newborns. U.S. experts say that for now, pregnant women should follow general guidelines, includi