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The More Things Change ...

When putting together the special articles for this 20th anniversary edition of , I used the opportunity to take a look back. I was immediately struck by how much has changed for the pastel community, and for

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The standout portrait Let’s Go! (left) by Gwenneth Barth-White ( gets major points in all areas of picture-making: compelling composition, bold use of color, an appealing subject and pose, and a curiosity-arousing element of surpris
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Painting Across Generations
Simone Bingemer’s Self Portrait (opposite), winner of the Richeson Pastel Silver Award, is the first self portrait she ever made. The artist has been practicing as a portraitist in Cologne, Germany, for decades. She won the Grand Prize for a portrait
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Three Neighbors Share In The Joy Of Pastel
The large urban bay area in southern China sometimes known as the “Greater Bay Area” is composed of nine cities, including Zhuhai Xiangzhou, Hong Kong and Macau. The region’s population exceeds 70 million and is rich with its own cultural flavors and