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The region of the Cinque Terre (five lands), in northwest Italy, along the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, provides abundant opportunities (below, top), preliminary applications of clear water suggest the clouds, into which the distant mountain fades, as well as the white surf bordering the blue sea.

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Drawing A Three-dimensional Room
To begin, draw a floor plan on grid paper. Each square should represent one square foot. Place the furniture of your choice in the room using the grids to measure. Be sure to show where windows and doors are located. When complete, set your plan asid
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Before picking up your brush, be attentive to your body. Think about the relationship of the following warm-up motions to the art you’ll soon be making. Do the movements that feel good and safe for you: HEAD: Slowly rotate your head clockwise and co
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Workshops 2021
Artists never stop learning. Each new painting or drawing can bring another revelation, but when you want to learn more about a specific technique, medium or style, you can’t do better than to take a workshop. Start planning now. On the following pag