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A glance at recent headlines is telling: ‘Insomnia nation: 60 per cent of adults have sleep disorder’ (Sydney Morning Herald); ‘Will science ever give us a better night’s sleep?’ (New York Times); ‘Why we are all losing sleep’ (The Atlantic). Sometimes it feels like getting a good night’s sleep is impossibly tricky to achieve. Meanwhile, study after study illuminates just how important sleep is – for your brain to detox, for memories to cement, even for gut health.

“Sleep is

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Fresh Ideas & Easy Updates
+ Use darker-coloured paint, veneer or stone behind a TV for a distinguished disguise. Joinery on either side of the TV creates a frame and aids integration. + Extend a floor finish up the wall to define a media nook (see opposite). Vinyl planks from
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Simply Lovely
Bookstore owner Anna Low is a lover of literature and an oracle for those seeking recommendations on the latest in fiction and fact. She could tell you about every new garden-related title on the market, but gardening per se is not her thing. Nor is
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Rob and I designed it together, with guidance from interior decorator Belle Hemming of Belle Bright Projects. We wanted an eclectic Hamptons-meetscountry feel. The Miner’s Cottage has two guestrooms – The Chinoiserie Room and The Fornasetti Room – pl