GRAPHIC perspective

WHAT ARE SOME OF YOUR ENDURING CREATIVE INFLUENCES? Anything that stimulates the senses – fashion, art, architecture, design, gardens, books, music and the performing arts experienced both at home and abroad.

HOW WOULD YOU DESCRIBE YOUR APPROACH TO COLLECTING ART AND DESIGN? Foremost from the heart but also with curiosity and knowledge. My

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Checking In
Homeowner Tracey Atkins admits she started with a “strange brief that was more about an idea [rather] than a place” when she and her husband Andrew first approached interior designer Swee Lim about renovating their recently purchased beachside proper
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Light Fantastic
THE CONGESTED, NOISY SU R ROUNDS of inner-Sydney’s Paddington seem a lifetime away from the expansive, sun-drenched kitchen fashioned by Madeleine Blanchfield Architects for this terrace house. “The home is on a large block with some spectacular gard
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High Notes
A KITCHEN’S LOCATION in the home can really impact on its functionality and its suitability as a spot in which the family can congregate. In this Melbourne townhouse, the kitchen has been positioned at the heart of the ground floor, so it’s strategic