New bird books for young readers

My First Book of Canadian Birds, by Andrea Miller, Nimbus Publishing, $22.95. Introduces young children to familiar birds like Canada Goose, Atlantic Puffin, and more. Ages 1-4

  Inspired by a remarkable true

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Short-eared Owl
In the popular imagination, owls are often regarded as denizens of dense and spooky woods, hiding by day and hooting it up in the darkest night. The Short-eared Owl breaks all of these norms. It lives in wide-open spaces — fields, marshes, tundra — a
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To Catch A Warbler
Before a warbler takes to the sky with a tiny geolocator, researchers must catch it, and that is not always easy. Just ask Hankyu Kim, who is completing his Ph.D. dissertation at Oregon State University examining the routes, behaviors, and habitats o
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Avian Genome Research Advances
Scientists are well on their way to capturing a complete genetic portrait of the diversity of the world’s birds. In the November 11 issue of the journal Nature, researchers reported on the genomes of 363 species of birds, including 267 that have been