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Where in the world?

A CIRCULAR, floating spa hotel on the Lule River, in Swedish Lapland, opening inthe 12-room Arctic Bath hotel was inspired by the timber-floating era, when felled trees were transported downriver for processing ()

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Town & Country Notebook
1) Crème de cassis is a French liqueur made using which berry? 2) In 2017, Findern Primary School in Derbyshire trialled pupils wearing what in class to encourage better grades? 3) What is the name for trees that lose their leaves in autumn? 4) Wh
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Looks Can Be Deceiving
In an elevated position in the Northumbrian hills near Ingoe, Grade II-listed South Hall is a charming Georgian home perfect for those looking to live with both history and modern comfort, as well as rural charm. The six-bedroom home is an ideal mix
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Wee Three Kings
THE tiny goldcrest has accrued several names over time. Unable to comprehend that such a small bird could cross the North Sea unaided when migrating from Scandinavia and northern Europe, medieval ornithologists supposed that it hitched a lift on the