how to get PUBLISHED

Like so many writers, i just gave up. it was partly embarrassment.

DO you have a steamy romance brewing in your imagination? Or maybe you’d like to pen a professional book to expand your brand and your reach? If you are an aspiring author, the good news is that you are living in the right era. Publishing a book is accessible, and a very legitimate way of getting your story out into the world. And it’s not as hard or as daunting as it was back when I sent off my first (regrettably very bad) novel. Back in 2002, book publishing was a totally different terrain. No publishers accepted emailed submissions. It had to be hard copy and posted with an SASE (self-addressed stamped envelope). The first

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FAIRLADY has been a part of my life since I learnt to read. Roll on the years… I employ a domestic worker who is an elderly widow with adult daughters she supports, plus their children, as well as children from her late husband’s second wife. That is
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