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The Would-be Brides

Eleanor of Austria

hen Henry became heir to the throne, his father began to look for a suitable bride while publicly saying Henry should marry Prince Arthur’s widow, Catherine of Aragon. Henry VII wanted an

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Isambard Kingdom Brunel
The Industrial Revolution was a pivotal moment in the evolution of Britain into a world superpower. Taking place from 1760 to around 1840, it was a time of tremendous transition and upheaval, with the country becoming more productive and connected th
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Three Stages Of The Movement
Launched as a response to greatly restricted rights and police brutality (including hundreds of deaths), Gandhi’s non-cooperation movement kicked off in 1920. It involved resisting the purchase of British goods, buying and using only natively produce
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Zosimus of Panopolis
Renowned Graeco-Egyptian alchemist and mystic Zosimus of Panopolis is believed to have lived from the end of the 3rd century into the beginning of the 4th century. Some suggest the beginnings of Western alchemy date back to the Hellenistic period – t