Monti Tours’s full-day excursion departs from and returns to East London. For the self-drive day, take the N2 from East London to King William’s Town, then the R63

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Last Look
at the astounding photography of Piotr Naskrecki The unusual morphology and colouration of the dice moth caterpillar (Rhanidophora ridens) is likely a warning to potential predators that the body of this insect is unpalatable, possibly toxic. ■
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A Martial Mystery TOUR
We could see the tanks lining up from the 27th floor of the Yanggakdo Hotel. Our room overlooked the Taedong River and beyond it, visible through the zoom lens of my camera, dozens and dozens of armoured vehicles sat waiting for what would be one of
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CHEERS! To A Bizarre Year
My family and I once hiked the rugged coastline from Port St Johns to Hole-in-the-Wall near Coffee Bay over the festive season. We were six, plus our guide Jimmy Selani who helped navigate the many river mouths (filled with sharks) that span the 60km