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We asked V, “The Tarot BFF,” to do a reading on the present and future of the African-American community. After consulting Courtney Alexander’s deck Dust II Onyx: A Melanated Tarot (dust2onyx.com), which explores the intersections of Black identity through paintings and mixed media collage featuring historical facts, cultural myths, icons and symbolism of the Black Diaspora, these were her answers.

What is the reason for racism in the United States and globally?

With the 2 of Gourds, American racism boils down

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Dear Reader, The world today is not the same one we lived in when the seeds for this issue were sown. Now, facing perhaps the greatest crisis of our lifetime, we sit forced apart, enduring losses professional, personal, unimaginable due to the corona
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It’s A Vase, It’s A Bong!
Doreen Sullivan, owner and creator of MY BUD VASE, is an amazing female “canna-preneur” unwilling to take no for an answer. With over thirty years of product development experience, she knew what it would take to make awe-inspiring and trend-setting
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Coronavirus And Cannabis: Life Under A Global Pandemic
As COVID-19, the novel coronavirus, ravages the globe, it’s become impossible to find anyone who hasn’t been affected by the pandemic. Schools shift to online, as do businesses (unless they close entirely). Citizens everywhere are confined to quarant