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Welcome to the fifth issue of Honeysuckle, a New York City-based magazine of contemporary musings and outcry.

We devote this

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We Can End Post Traumatic Prison Disorder
WE CAN! Shawanna Vaughn is a nationally renowned human rights advocate and the founder of Silent Cry Inc., a nonprofit providing resources to families of incarcerated people and those suffering from poverty-induced trauma. She is on a mission to esta
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In High Esteem: Female Influencers We Love
As the cannabis space evolves, it’s becoming clearer that women are leading the movement in myriad ways - whether as pioneering CEOs, innovative scientists, creative artists, mothers on a mission or all of the above and more. Whatever their passion,
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A Natural Leader
The FaceTime blurs before coming to life, revealing Dani Billings–her red hair glowing under the Colorado sun. She relaxes on her patio, taking in the beautiful weather as her dogs play in the background. Dani is a leading female entrepreneur in the