Brazilian tattooer Frederico Rabelo has taken the old adage “Bold will hold” straight to heart, his work isn’t going to budge. Rabelo has curated a dedicated clientele base enchanted by his illustrative allure and audacious application of saturation. Beyond his ability to expertly put needle to skin, people are drawn to Rabelo’s work for the complex emotions his pieces evoke and the unique harmony each tattoo has with the individual wearer.

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This story begins with a skateboard. Not any skateboard, a very specific skateboard. No one knew it at the time, but when Bryan Arii’s parents bought their 5-year-old son this skateboard, they were laying the foundation for his entire life. “Powell P
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It took spending a night in a Malaysian jail cell for Maggie Lindemann to find her purpose as an artist. “I was performing and someone tried telling me to get off stage in the middle of a song,” Lindemann says. “I got off and people from immigration