An English Story

wenty-five years ago, Plain English founders, Katie Fontana and Tony Niblock, now creative director and managing director respectively, were building a traditional Suffolk longhouse. When it came time for the kitchen, Fontana wanted a pared-down, understated design. Imagining she would buy an off-the-peg kitchen, she was surprised to discover she couldn’t find anything she liked. So the pair drew up

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Story Teller
VALERIE LEGRAS WRITES a story each time she designs an interior. Whether it’s a family home, a restaurant, or a hotel suite, LeGras approaches every project as a blank page. She leaves it to her clients to help discern the plot and shape the arc. “I
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Featured Designers
Thomas Hamel is the author of Residence and is well known as one of Australia’s leading tastemakers. Born in Virginia, Hamel came to New York during the 1980s to study design at the Fashion Institute of Technology, and he continued his studies at the
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BOBBY MCALPINE WENT for a long walk one afternoon with Teresa and Myron Palmer. The architect and the homeowners ambled the four hundred acres of the Tennessee farm that had been in Myron Palmer’s family for generations. The three of them passed grav