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JUST AFTER JESUS’S TRIUMPH OVER death, Cleopas and another disciple traveled the road to Emmaus, discussing our Lord and His empty tomb. As they walked, Christ joined them,

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Monday, April 12
SINCE I’VE CUT DOWN ON carbs, I don’t need to buy bread as often as I used to. This is a good thing—most of the time. Yesterday, I decided to have a sandwich for lunch. Thankfully, I found two slices left in the bread box. Unfortunately, both had gre
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Wednesday, April 7
YESTERDAY, MY FRIEND MARIE FRANCE and I were driving in the car together. We have been friends since college. We are a lot alike. We love Jesus. We love to laugh and have fun. We are also perfectionists. Perfectionism is not the best commonality. Mar
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Saturday, April 24
THIS PAST YEAR, MY PRAYER life has taken a remarkable turn with profound impact on my life. I hope it shows in these pages. I’ve always prayed. Well, before I knew Jesus, I prayed with fervent expectation that God heard me, even after my prayers were