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A YOUNG MAN I RECENTLY had a conversation with commented on a lyric he claimed was written by his favorite pop singer. “I love that!” he?”

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Friday, April 23
I HAVE THREE GIANT MAN-SIZED children living at my house right now. Jack is eighteen. Will is sixteen. Addison is thirteen. Addie’s shoe size matches his age. These boys are taller than my husband, Scott, and me. Scott blames me for their growth beca
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Easter Monday, April 5
EVERY EASTER AT THE END of the church service, our congregation joins in singing Handel’s “Hallelujah Chorus.” I love the power of all our voices raised in full-throated praise. However, it’s not easy music. I’ve always been a soprano, but each year
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Friday, March 19
I’M IN AWE OF THE talented people who take a concept or business and create a fitting logo. With simple art, design, and lettering, a logo becomes a symbol of the company or idea. The public is reminded what the business represents when it sees the l