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Monday, October 19
OIL AND WATER DON’T MIX; neither do faith and worry. Years ago, my husband’s job was in jeopardy. Clay’s company was undergoing reorganization. A third of the workforce was being laid off. He was in line to be laid off next. We had three children and
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Sunday, September 20
I LOOKED OVER MY SON’S homework as he computed a problem aloud and then wrote the answer on the math sheet. “That’s illegible,” I noted. Without skipping a beat, he pointed his pencil at me, winked, and flashed a winning smile. “That’s because I’m an
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Thursday, September 3
AMONG MY DAY-TO-DAY ACTIVITIES, I’M tasked with evaluating manuscripts for their publication potential. In a way, I’m a quality-control specialist in a story factory. I examine an author’s writing with the literary equivalent of a “tuning fork.” If i