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MY HUSBAND AND I WERE hiking on a beautiful summer day after a heavy rainfall. On our way down the mountain, I mused aloud that I would need

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Easter Sunday, April 4
MATTHEW TELLS US THAT JESUS’S first words after rising from the dead were, “Hello. Do not be afraid.” That seems significant to me as a person who tends toward fear. I’m only brave if courage means you do stuff even if you’re scared. I do almost ever
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Friday, March 12
“I HOPE BILL FROM THE Optimists Club invites me to judge their youth speech contest again this year,” I told my husband, Kevin. He smiled. I’m sure he remembered how much I enjoyed the experience. I told him, a little embarrassed, how associating wit
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Monday, April 26
THE LORD SENT ELIJAH TO safety in an isolated area (1 Kings 17:2–6). David, a man after God’s own heart, spent years in solo worship as he tended sheep. Jesus also sought solitude with the Father as He fasted and prayed in the wilderness. Each one of