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RECENTLY I HEARD A PASTOR on TV say that when you say yes to Jesus, you must say no to other things. That notion of sacrifice has

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Wednesday, January 6
I OFTEN SAY THAT I’M about as transparent as plastic food wrap, and it’s true—much to the dismay of my husband, who is reserved. But lately it seems that I’ve developed a tendency to hold back during prayer time. The heaviest burdens on my heart seem
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Wednesday, February 24
WHEN MY MIDDLE GRANDDAUGHTER WAS a toddler, it seemed as though she spoke a language we’d never heard before. During FaceTime calls, Lilah would grab the phone and jabber away. Occasionally she would throw in a real word. Those few words along with h
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Tuesday, February 23
THERE ARE MANY EVENTS THAT we we’d prefer would never touch us. I’m sure Paul felt that way about being chained in prison. After all, Paul had work to do, places to visit, and churches to encourage. Yet even in these frustrating and painful circumsta