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Wednesday, February 10
DRIVING HOME FROM THE MOUNTAINS, I was caught in a major snowstorm. I clutched my steering wheel so tightly my hands ached. Cars and trucks surrounded me as we drove on a traffic-filled highway. Suddenly, I hit black ice, and my car started sliding.
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Thursday, February 11
“REALLY, GOD?” I’VE WANTED TO ask. “Rejoice always?” Yet that’s what it says. Over years of desperately seeking Jesus, I’ve learned to pray a lot, if not continually, and to find reasons to be grateful in even the most abysmal circumstances. Rejoicin
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Thursday, February 25
WHEN MY HUSBAND, KEVIN, CALLED to say the insurance company totaled our Cadillac after a deer rammed it, I sighed. (Okay, I cried.) We’d only had that cherry-red beauty for ten weeks. It was a gift from Jesus—through friends who’d recently purchased