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Saturday, January 2
YEARS AGO, I SAW A pastoral counselor for some painful, persistent issues. One day, she—a passionate Christian—announced excitedly, “Jesus gave me this verse for you,” and recited the verse above. I was hungry for a new life but paralyzed by my past
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Sunday, January 31
I DASHED OUT OF THE house, having overscheduled as usual. My daughter Melissa, who wasn’t feeling well, texted me, asking what she could eat to settle her stomach. I suggested yogurt, but since she didn’t have any, I told her I’d run to the store and
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Saturday, January 30
I LOVE THE STORY OF Zacchaeus the tax collector, whose very occupation was associated with sin. Yet, when he heard Jesus was coming to town, he ran to meet Him. Crowds blocked his view, until he spotted a tree. There the story took a radical turn. Je